serious accident

See: casualty
References in classic literature ?
He had to go--Allan Lyons at the Glen has met with a serious accident.
This morning we had again some little trouble with the rod of the propeller, which must be entirely remodelled, for fear of serious accident - I mean the steel rod - not the vanes.
I am sorry to knock you up so early, Doctor," said he, "but I have had a very serious accident during the night.
My reading had taught me that many serious accidents had happened in the Alps simply from not having the people tied up soon enough; I was not going to add one to the list.
A statement on the page reads: "We learned the terrible news that Mick has had a serious accident at work.
A serious accident is defined by law as producing at least one death, or at least two injuries that take at least three months to recuperate from, or work-related diseases suffered by at least 10 workers.
Contract notice: Preparation of the serious accident documentation (dag) of the various operational levels and the epr for the national unit of exploitation engineering (unie).
A SERIOUS accident has not deterred one veteran organising this year's Royal British Legion Northern Cycle Ride.
The residents urged the Executive Officer CCB to notice the matter before a serious accident occurs at these locations as heavy flow of traffic was witnessed on these roads.
What is his son's serious accident got to do with this incident?
Mitsubishis and Citroens were second and third most likely to be involved in a serious accident.
Distractions such as peer passengers significantly increase the chances of a serious accident.