serious calamity

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And how," said Harrison, laughing, "did this serious calamity of going without breakfast happen to you?
The EU is now facing a serious calamity in terms of the incredible influx of refugees coming from Iraq and Syria, as well as Africa, and they're not able to accommodate them.
We are lucky this year that no serious calamity hit the province, that is why we have a bumper harvest," Cuaresma says.
Sauber was fortunate to avoid a more serious calamity when Kamui Kobayashi braked late while pitting on lap 37 and hit several members of his pit crew.
I picked up this book because as a police chaplain I have pondered what ways I might be able to help our department if a serious calamity were to hit.
I have some strong misgivings that some serious calamity will befall them tonight.

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