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Few persons will be so visionary as seriously to contend that military forces ought not to be raised to quell a rebellion or resist an invasion; and if the defense of the community under such circumstances should make it necessary to have an army so numerous as to hazard its liberty, this is one of those calamaties for which there is neither preventative nor cure.
At all events," said Milady, seriously, "he has deceived me, and from the moment he deceived me, he merited death.
You mustn't take very seriously what women say when they're in a passion.
He could imagine Richard Wagner sitting in his box and laughing till his sides ached at the sight of all the people who were taking it seriously.
The general, however, had had an opportunity of seeing him once or twice since the eventful evening, and had spoken very seriously with him; but though he had seen the prince, as I say, he told his family nothing about the circumstance.
Only I haven't the least idea what I am to do; I wanted to consult you seriously.
If you pretend to be good, the world takes you very seriously.
On the day when he first saw them together in the light of his present knowledge, it seemed to him that he had not taken the affair seriously enough.
Now, also, she was denied the solace which the companionship of the coachman, grooms, horses, greyhounds, and pointers might have afforded; for her mother having, notwithstanding the disadvantages of a country life, so satisfactorily disposed of her elder daughter, the pride of her heart had begun seriously to turn her attention to the younger; and, being truly alarmed at the roughness of her manners, and thinking it high time to work a reform, had been roused at length to exert her authority, and prohibited entirely the yards, stables, kennels, and coach-house.
You are here for but an instant, and you mustn't take yourself too seriously.
But I do think, Penelope," she continued, "that I shall have to talk to you a little seriously.
Do you seriously mean that you intend to keep me shut up in this part of the house, at your will and pleasure?