seriously dangerous

See: deadly
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Once he can rely on his soft cut with the driver and fairway metal, he will be seriously dangerous again.
These two big clubs can become seriously dangerous for other teams in the world.
In order to combat this seriously dangerous crime, the States have relentlessly endeavored to develop coalitions and partnerships to strengthen their capabilities in the fight against terrorist financing crimes.
Teen Wolf" Season 6 is getting seriously dangerous.
NNA - The Directorate General of the Internal Security Forces - Public Relations Division issued on Monday the following communication: "As a result of field follow-up and preventive security operations carried out by the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces, in a bid to monitor the activities of terrorist cells, especially those associated with the terrorist organization "Daesh", the said Division succeeded in identifying members of a seriously dangerous cell working in favor of ISIS inside Lebanon.
But he's determined to become a real contender in this seriously dangerous and bloody sport - in just 12 months.
For two-wheel riders, be it bike or motorcycle, these problems are seriously dangerous.
The airlines are just as prone to panic, cancelling flights into Belgium as if the country had suddenly become a seriously dangerous place.
In an interview with the Gulf Times recently, Jawad al-Lawati, senior consultant, Ministry of Health, Oman, proposed the idea, quoting Article 8 of WHO Framework Convention On Tobacco Control (FCTC), which states that second-hand smoking is a seriously dangerous problem for the non-smokers.
Tomorrow never comes when we want something that is bad for us long term, but with footwear there are two primary groups for whom this is seriously dangerous and irresponsible--children and diabetics.
We inspected the cabins earlier and found that many contained petrol containers and wooden planks, which are not considered fishing equipment and are seriously dangerous.