seriously dangerous

See: deadly
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We inspected the cabins earlier and found that many contained petrol containers and wooden planks, which are not considered fishing equipment and are seriously dangerous.
They are probably being a bit over-optimistic there, but they would be seriously dangerous people if they commanded the resources of the Syrian state, and they would be a calamity for Syrians who are not Sunni Muslims.
I think she remains a seriously dangerous individual and shouldn't be freed.
THE brother of a Solihull businessman murdered by Royal aide Jane Andrews has spoken of his anger at the shock decision to free "a seriously dangerous individual".
But, man, he and live television can be a seriously dangerous combination.
Denise Breen-Lawton, defending, said: "It was a brief but obvious danger from a seriously dangerous manoeuvre.
Second, despite the fact that my old friend is a "highly educated" being, he oddly believes Egypt's state-run propaganda that is falsely portraying the EU as a supporter of the Brotherhood, which is another and seriously dangerous form of naivety.
they came with the added bonus that some of his neighbors were seriously dangerous, and frequently tried to kill tenants.
You were driving relatively slowly but to drive a car at any speed towards a policeman or anyone else is a seriously dangerous thing to do.
The business of name calling in the Arab world Calling someone a Kafir or a terrorist just because it suits us is seriously dangerous.
A coke habit can be seriously dangerous 6 and we're talking about the kind of coke that goes in your mouth, not up your nose.
There are some dodgy traders out there who have no conscience and sell seriously dangerous goods," said Paul Bettison of the Local Government Association.