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Ego tamen Solomonis esse non puto, sed scriptum serius sub illius Regis, tanquam poenitentia ducti, nomine.
Persidangan Kapitalisme Terangkum ingin memberi maklum balas kepada masalah peralihan kedudukan serius yang disebabkan oleh pembangunan dalam kapitalisme sepanjang tempoh 30 tahun lepas: kegoyahan kepercayaan umumterhadap perniagaan, peningkatan ketidaksamaan hasil pendapatan seluruh dunia, tempoh jangka pendek yang semakin menular dalam pasaran modal, serta krisis integriti dan nilai sistem itu.
After the token walk out, leader of the opposition Isharat Dar said that Balistan situation worsening day by day and government not serius to resolve the isuue.
Serius egressus vestigia vidit in alto pulvere certa ferae totoque expalluit ore Pyramus: ut vero vestem quoque sanguine tinctam repperit, 'una duos' inquit 'nox perdet amantes.
This crisis is the most serius since the downfall of the Pahlavi monarchy in early 1979.
So there will be some serius questions about the safety measures taken at the centre.
DTP Records is one of today's hottest joint venture boutique labels with an artist roster that includes Grammy award-winning artist Ludacris, multi-platinum selling Chingy, Playaz Circle, Bobby Valentino, Field Mob, Lil Fate, Willy Northpole, Shareefa, Steph Jones, Brolic, Small World, I-20, Serius Jones.
Rari sermones ipse, sed loquentium patiens, severus ac serius, sed hilares non aspernans, sapientiae cupidus ac docilis, quae nosti, sine arrogantia postulanti impartiens, nescis sine occultatione ignorantiae tibi impartiri.
First with Serius, a software start-up which he sold to Novell for $24m in 1993, and again with USWeb.
After accepting a serius managerial role, some were viewed by their former colleagues as having "sold out" or abandoned the values of the profession.
We offer entrepreneurs a network of people and resources that provide strategic counsel and operating support from our team of seasoned professional managers and their firms who have been involved in the success of companies such as Apple Computer (Nasdaq:AAPL), Clarify (NYSE:NT), Cybermedia, Entegrity Solutions, Etec Systems (Nasdaq:AMAT), Harmonic (Nasdaq:HLIT), IC Works (NYSE:CY), NetSolve (Nasdaq:NTSL), Power Integrations (Nasdaq:POWI), Maxtor (NYSE:MXO), MediaVision, Octel Communications (NYSE:LU), Promatory Communications (NYSE:NT), Repeater Technologies (Nasdaq:RPTR), Serius, TriQuint Semiconductor (Nasdaq:TQNT) and Vitesse Semiconductor (Nasdaq:VTSS).