Sergeant at arms

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SERGEANT AT ARMS, An officer appointed by a legislative body, whose duties are to enforce the orders given by such bodies, generally under the warrant of its presiding officer.

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Mallard departed to execute his commission; and Serjeant Snubbin relapsed into abstraction until Mr.
He was overawed by the Serjeant, and profoundly courteous to the attorney.
Phunky,' said Serjeant Snubbin, with haughty condescension.
He HAD had the pleasure of seeing the Serjeant, and of envying him too, with all a poor man's envy, for eight years and a quarter.
Serjeant Snubbin's junior, he turned a deeper red and bowed again.
Pickwick,' said the Serjeant, waving his pen in the direction in which that gentleman was standing.
Serjeant Snubbin, who had been gradually growing more and more abstracted, applied his glass to his eyes for an instant, bowed slightly round, and was once more deeply immersed in the case before him, which arose out of an interminable lawsuit, originating in the act of an individual, deceased a century or so ago, who had stopped up a pathway leading from some place which nobody ever came from, to some other place which nobody ever went to.
Pickwick and his solicitor had passed through before him, so it was some time before they got into the Square; and when they did reach it, they walked up and down, and held a long conference, the result of which was, that it was a very difficult matter to say how the verdict would go; that nobody could presume to calculate on the issue of an action; that it was very lucky they had prevented the other party from getting Serjeant Snubbin; and other topics of doubt and consolation, common in such a position of affairs.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 21, 2017-CSI Compressco LP names Owen Serjeant as its president
CSI Compressco LP (Nasdaq: CCLP), a provider of compression services and equipment for natural gas and oil production, gathering, transportation, processing, and storage, has named Owen Serjeant as its president.
Last time they sent a Serjeant at Arms the Beast of Bolsover told him where to stick his sword.