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The final chapter is a sermonic list of familiar ideas on living simply.
Donne's sermonic progress parallels the story of Jesus's scourge of the money-changers, for anger opens into redeeming love.
To take but one final example, in one of his high sermonic moments in the second inaugural address, President Bush (2005a) declared that "by our efforts, we have lit a fire as well--a fire in the minds of men.
To Sobolev, these folks often prove far too anxious to hail Hopkins' writing as a mere engine for transporting sermonic doctrine.
First, the common use of the divine self-identification formula in Assyrian prophecies associates the similar use in Psalms 50 and 81 with prophetic speech, not a priestly sermonic genre as has commonly been argued.
During the 19th century, there was a shift to what could be called sermonic memoirs, those life stories that were designed to make a certain moral point.
Language is Sermonic," in In Defense of Tradition, 359.
Marcus, General Secretary-Elect, and Pastor of Greater Faith Baptist Church Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104 Sermonic presentation: Dr.
Sociological and other studies of the actual practice ministry have shown that clergy, over the past decades, have spent very little time indeed in personal study--even in the preparation of their sermonic and other explicit teaching responsibilities.
Kennedy's 1961 call to bear any burden and pay any price in the service of human freedom and Lincoln's sermonic 1865 meditation on the inscrutable justice of God's judgment on those who deny freedom to others.
The reading was indeed somewhat sermonic in that respect, both in structure and in its eagerly anticipated "(by many, not by some)" jeremiadic content, but this made a certain amount of perverted sense, given the poet's anti-ecclesiasticism.
The propaganda plays draw extensively on the metaphors of America as the "New Eden," the "New Canaan," the "Land of Liberty," while, at the same time, the thematic interplay between political debate and sermonic language opens the way for identifying America's struggle for independence with the work of redemption.