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For Salman fans, it was a letdown because its sermonising tone killed the fun factor one expects from the actor's films.
He added: "I feel the majority of the circular letter's contents were of a sermonising nature, saying 'it is bad to smoke so you won't smoke'.
It's that human element that actor George Rainsford says drives home the messages of the play, rather than political sermonising.
to 150 forget to address That is no excuse for not defending your colleagues against sermonising multi-millionaire Tories.
And where the script edged her towards a rare deep and meaningful moments, she switched into saccharine sermonising with all the subtlety of a brick.
I will not be sermonising but, purely and simply, UKIP is the only party seriously interested in the people of this country and the next generation," he said.
In a full and varied service there was music, humour, poetry, spirited sermonising, even a genteel "rap" and a marvellously, read passage from Ecclesiastes, chapter 1, which proves that (thankfully) even pessimists have their place in the Bible.
Yet, despite the ranting, the sermonising, the numerous misapprehensions about psychiatric practice and the interludes in which Bob Mullan strips himself naked, this is a book which makes you warm to Laing.
He then went on to discuss another sandalwood carving, that of Bhishma Pitamah on a bed of arrows sermonising the Pandavas.
TO quote Jesus Christ, a former resident of old Palestine, BBC boss Mark Thompson should "first remove the plank from his own eye" - before spuriously sermonising about broadcasting integrity.
THE original tune sounded like a hymn with Chris Martin's sermonising voice and the droning organ.
It's a film concerned with journeys and courage and while some of the sermonising is a little heavy-handed, younger audiences, especially, should lap up Nim's gung-ho exploits.