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For Salman fans, it was a letdown because its sermonising tone killed the fun factor one expects from the actor's films.
I remember the vicar of St Hilda's Church who used to walk up and down the central aisle, sermonising in a loud voice rather than in the pulpit.
And where the script edged her towards a rare deep and meaningful moments, she switched into saccharine sermonising with all the subtlety of a brick.
In a full and varied service there was music, humour, poetry, spirited sermonising, even a genteel "rap" and a marvellously, read passage from Ecclesiastes, chapter 1, which proves that (thankfully) even pessimists have their place in the Bible.
He then went on to discuss another sandalwood carving, that of Bhishma Pitamah on a bed of arrows sermonising the Pandavas.
The religious aspect is less well argued and appears to be led by disgruntled clerics faced with ever-depleting congregations, who have outgrown the days of gratuitous sermonising often by folk less intelligent than themselves.
Myers has it pretty well spot on: "Since the late 1990s, the guilty smirkiness that once marked its [food writing's] default style has been losing ever more ground to pomposity and sermonising.
With its sermonising about the importance of being strong in the face of marital adversity - not to mention a sappy voiceover on the nature of suffering - the film feels more like a lecture than a drama.
THE original tune sounded like a hymn with Chris Martin's sermonising voice and the droning organ.
As with so many meditations on the Earth's uncertain future, this book has a rather sermonising tone.
Not only have we built a formidable reputation, over the millennia, for our bardic tradition, oral storytelling and fiery sermonising.
mid all the hand wringing sermonising that ensued once pictures emerged of Eriksson meeting Chelsea's chief executive -one tabloid invited him to `Clear Offski'-there has been the distant hum of the suggestion that in fact all that matters is whether his team wins or not.