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As The Post reported, Brown said he talked with God while driving to the state capitol and decided to use his time to sermonize for Jesus.
Equally terrifying were the antigay crusaders who used the suffering to sermonize about the supposedly damnable consequences of sex between men.
as he sermonizes his rage against the iniquitous sea:
Though seemingly intended as something of a wake-up call to readers, Love and Other Pranks never sermonizes on the importance of abstract thinking in the age of rampant consumerism and mindlessness, instead creating a humorous, fun space where these kinds of meditations can occur naturally.
In all of its incarnations, Star Trek sermonizes about mankind's "wisdom" in creating a global political system to prevent self-immolation through nuclear war.
According to reporter, a spokesman for the forum in a statement issued in Srinagar said, 'It is the height of hypocrisy that, on one hand, the subservient partner of the authoritarian ruling regime, the PDP sermonizes and uses sugar-coated terms of dialogue, reconciliation and mutual trust building among stakeholders for the resolution of the Kashmir dispute and on the other hand, it deals with an iron fist.'