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Equally terrifying were the antigay crusaders who used the suffering to sermonize about the supposedly damnable consequences of sex between men.
The first method is straightforward; the second may cause a person to think, I'll have that sex or make those films when it's less dangerous; the third--repression--is the reason televangelists sermonize against sin moments before hiring prostitutes.
The play loses steam whenever it deserts these points and starts to sermonize, as it does in a Brechtian aside on how to use a condom.
Ironically, as Fox News sermonizes about the gun map's potential to abed hypothetical burglars, the only known crime inspired by the map so far has been crime against the newspaper itself.
In all of its incarnations, Star Trek sermonizes about mankind's "wisdom" in creating a global political system to prevent self-immolation through nuclear war.
While a stuffy psychiatrist sermonizes about the trend toward "introspection, moderation, a return to quiet elegance, common sense and old-fashioned values," teens cavort in a rambunctious frenzy, riding rollercoasters, sliding down banisters, diving off stages, surfboarding on sand, bounding off walls, and blissfully spraying each other with Pepsi.