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Unusual among these sermonizers and educators, Gisborne in An Enquiry into the Duties of Men (1794) interprets protection in a practical--i.
politicians, sermonizers, and public speakers bear, as well as the
He notes incidents of gang rape in Punjab, "mass rape in Darfur, female genital mutilation across parts of Muslim Africa, and honor killings of girls," concluding that "it would appear to be time for our holier-than-thou sermonizers to introspect a bit and focus on some of their own sexual hangups.
This includes politically conservative and liberal sermonizers.
True, Wills calls for politically engaged sermonizers, but he'd rather have them in jail than in the White House.
Berry observed, "So some of our thanksgiving sermonizers give slavery a 'black eye,' although in its grave.
Hence, no one, not even the normally certain and self-righteous sermonizers Simon Cary and Senior Pulliam, seems to be able to decide on the meaning of recent events.