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If unnecessary sermonizing is corrosive of peace, then the sermonizers themselves may have to be eliminated.
Though never a stranger to interior monologue, lyrical afflatus or angry agitprop, Ellison may be the greatest of jazz sermonizers and homiletic blues guitarists ever to write fiction.
In the minds of more conservative Puritan sermonizers and subjects of the day, they raised the traditional image of Massachusetts being "under a solemn divine Probation,"(98) and the image of the magistrate as God's vice-regent, called to exemplify and enforce a godly life.
The unremitting repetitions of services and doctrines in the missions, administered by their ranked officials and sermonizers, are to the Pomio Kivung what the ordeals of initiates were to the victims of jipari.
True, Wills calls for politically engaged sermonizers, but he'd rather have them in jail than in the White House.
Story-tellers (qussas) Qur'an reciters, sermonizers, and others also augmented the lore of Islam.