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The Decameron discloses a crisis in the exemplum tradition between conventional sermonizing and a heightened sense of clerical frailty, and responds by showing a new way of narrating moral problems to a sceptical readership.
Roos: I think if you're sermonizing, your bigger problem is that you bite as a writer.
Chesebrough briefly sketches Parker's life and describes his sermonizing and lecturing on theology, ecclesiastical reform, commerce, public education, slavery, sectionalism, and war.
There is neither sermonizing nor moralizing in these articles.
The agency said at least half of the programming at educational stations must be educational and that worship services and sermonizing would not count as educational.
The Africa-rooted practice of call-and-response, integral to the traditional black verbal arts of song, storytelling, and sermonizing, features ritualized and improvisatory contributions from both speakers and listeners.
Seminary training for clergy is optional; clergy and congregants usually dress informally; pastors who tend to be "understated, humble, and self-revealing," engage in Bible-centered teaching rather than topical sermonizing.
You stayed put in one small place for so many years and listened with your heart to so many people, never judging, never probing, never sermonizing.
Subercaseaux makes these points with grace and style, without sermonizing.
Much of the sociological analysis here perpetuates ethnomusicology's long (and guilt-tinged) tradition of introspection as well as its tiresome sermonizing on methodology.
Even more preposterous is the Whitewater sermonizing of Iran/contra conspirator Elliott Abrams.
But it will not be brought about by your cunning, restless ego that is forever competing, comparing, coercing, sermonizing, manipulating in its intolerance and its ambitions, thereby creating tension and conflict and resistance between you and Nature--an exhausting, self-defeating process like driving with your brakes on.