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Clinical samples Results Serological diagnosis (ELISA) n cPCR (B22-B23) qPCR (REP-529) Negative Positive Negative % Negative 122 122 0 121 99.
Serological Diagnosis, PFGE Patterns, and Correlation Analysis According to the Sample Type and Serogroup
Finally, it is necessary to determine a diagnostic schedule aimed to detect these dogs in the early stages of the disease, which could provide the patient with a better prognosis and a greater expectancy of life and it is important to complement the serological diagnosis with ELISA and PCR, to establish more comprehensive diagnostics.
This paper describes the development of latex beads coated with purified recombinant versions of these antigens and demonstrates the usefulness of these antigen-coated latex beads in the serological diagnosis of canine brucellosis.
In addition, the serological diagnosis was based only on IgA class EMA.
Although the serological diagnosis of syphilis is less than ideal, it remains the mainstay of diagnosis because T.
Enzime In munoassays for Serological Diagnosis of Bovine Brucel losis: A Trial in Latin America.
Naveen from the microbiology department enlightened about the serological diagnosis of dengue fever.
Two methods for rapid serological diagnosis of acute leptospirosis.