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A comparative evaluation of different methods for the serological diagnosis of leptospirosis.
Characterization of Cysticercus cellulosae antigens isolated by immunoaffinity chromatography and its valu ation in serological diagnosis.
Problems with serological diagnosis of Toxoplasma gondii infections in heart transplant recipients.
Anthony Nicholls, was awarded his doctorate from Birmingham University in 1973 for original work on the serological diagnosis of bacterial infection of the lungs.
Contract notice: Delivery of reagents, accessories along with the lease of the analyzer for testing immunohematologicznych and supply of reagents for serological diagnosis of erythrocyte systems.
SMARTube technology enables the diagnosis of HIV and/or HCV or the detection of HIV/HCV antibodies in the weeks and months between initial infection and current serological diagnosis, during which time, infected individuals are misdiagnosed potentially enabling further spread of these infections.
Application to serological diagnosis and therapeutic trials.
Serological diagnosis of the disease is possible from the end of the first week of disease when IgM-specific ELISAs will detect antibodies against YF virus, to the second week and beyond when IgG may be detectable.