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Serous fluid flows through the "space" between the organ and its sac, allowing the organ to move smoothly against the sac.
This space contains a thin layer of serous fluid coating the opposing surfaces.
Eleven milliliters of turbid serous fluid were aspirated from the abscess surrounding the fibular lesion.
For patients with this history, if they have any genital swelling; changes in the skin texture; changes in hair growth; thickening of the labia; the presence of papillomas or discreet warty growths; or lymphorrhea, which is leakage of serous fluid through compromised or intact skin, think lymphedema," she said.
One alligator had approximately 25 mL of serosanguinous fluid in the pericardial sac and 50 mL yellow serous fluid in the peritoneal cavity.
Macular oedema: Macular oedema is a distinct process where serous fluid accumulate within the retinal layers.
The walls of the new vessels are fragile and allow serous fluid, lipids and blood to leak into the sub-RPE and subretinal space.
This multilocular cyst contained yellow serous fluid.
There are three major cavities in the body: pleural, pericardial, and peritoneal, which are lined by mesothelial cell resting on submesothelial stromal matrix tissue containing serous fluid which lubricates the membranes.
The lesions causing hypo or low reflectivity include: a) atrophic RPE (loss of pigment); b) cystic or pseudocystic areas containing serous fluid (Fig.
From the affected joint around 15 ml of serous fluid was drained with the use of sterile 20 gauge needle and the animal was treated with inj.
The clinician transfers the serous fluid to a glass slide, either by direct application of the slide to the lesion, or by transferring the fluid with a bacteriologic loop or the edge of a cover slip.