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Associated to these rocks are lenticular bodies of serpentinized and mylonitized ultramafic rocks along the Silvia-Pijao Fault.
B--Exudative Magnesites: In this type of Magnesites the [Co.sub.2] contained in precipitation waters affect the Serpentinized and ultramaphic rocks causing chemical reactions and formation of Magnesite.
At the temperature around 900[degrees]K and pressure corresponding to 600 km, C[H.sub.4] bearing serpentinized zones are recognized by acoustic emissions which are absent in unaltered ultrabasic rocks [28,29].
Mining activity produces dust that may contain asbestos fibers when peridotites are serpentinized. This dust can affect tribes downwind from the mines.
The host rock consists mainly of serpentinized peridotite (harzburgite).
The peridotites are totally serpentinized, except in one Nicaraguan outcrop (Las Brenes), where the primary paragenesis is partially preserved.
The notion that rifted continental margins consist of thinned, extended continental crust abutting normal oceanic crust was dispelled years ago, nowhere more emphatically than in studies of the Iberian margin, where serpentinized peridotite was discovered intervening between extended continental crust and oceanic crust.
A diamond drilling programme has uncovered a new ultramafic, serpentinized peridotite, containing some sulphide mineralization.
INCO, there are three broad types of basic rocks, namely: Type A, unserpentinized peridotite; Type B, weakly serpentinized and crudely grained peridotite; and Type C, strongly serpentinized and crudely grained peridotite.
The ultramafic rocks are composed of variably serpentinized olivine, clinopyroxene, orthopyroxene, and tremolite.