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SICKNESS. By sickness is understood any affection of the body which deprives it temporarily of the power to fulfill its usual functions.
     2. Sickness is either such as affects the body generally, or only some parts of it. Of the former class, a fever is an example; of the latter, blindness. When a process has been issued against an individual for his arrest, the sheriff or other officer is authorized, after he has arrested him, if he be so dangerously sick, that to remove him would endanger his life or health, to let him remain where he found him, and to return the facts at large, or simply languidus. (q.v.)

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Serum sickness was suspected on day 13, with a reduction in complement factors (C3, 690 mg/L; C4 <100 mg/L), persistent fever without signs of inflatiitnation, and negative urine culture.
Recognizing the proteins as foreign, the vast majority of people develop over a period of days or weeks some degree of the generalized immune frenzy called serum sickness.
Pathogenically, true serum sickness represents a type III arthus hypersensitivity reaction to proteins in toxins or drugs, mediated by circulating antigen-antibody complexes.
019), delayed hypersensitivity was noted in three patients: one with angiodema after cycle 8, and one each with uticaria and serum sickness after cycle 4.