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Grider will serve as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Associate Counsel to the President.
Answering these questions will give you a baseline of serve effectiveness and a certain sense of where you need to concentrate to improve your service game.
Although not a part of behavioral momentum, this study also sought to determine if a timeout would be sufficient in disrupting a string of successful serves (i.e., a timeout will increase the likelihood of the serving team losing the point on the following serve).
She presently serves as treasurer of the investments.
Second, he says, the time commitment is such that people can't join as many boards, so there are fewer candidates (one set of candidates that is scarcer is sitting CEOs whose company boards restrict how many boards they can serve on).
LBESTEP leaders brought together professors from the Department of Teacher Education, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and the director of the SERVE program to design and implement mathematics training for pre-service teachers.
To serve: Cut beignet into quarters and arrange on plates.
* MANY CPAs WILL BE ASKED TO SERVE AS THE AUDIT committee's financial expert.
Your article "The Rite of Refusal" [September 3] paints a picture of gays in the Israeli military with a very broad brush stroke when it focuses on two gay soldiers who have declined to serve in the so-called occupied territories.
Pro Bono Work: He is the only African American to serve on the Forum for Corporate Conscience, a committee made up of 22 business leaders from Fortune 500 companies who provide value-based leadership in their companies and communities.
NAS appliances have a streamlined architecture traditionally designed to serve data files to clients in heterogeneous network environments.
"The power, expandability and versatility of the SGI 3000 family will serve us well for years to come."