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The same advantages may be drawn from these chapters, in which the critic will be always sure of meeting with something that may serve as a whetstone to his noble spirit; so that he may fall with a more hungry appetite for censure on the history itself.
Now the Sheriff did not yet know what a force Robin had about him in Sherwood, but thought that he might serve a warrant for his arrest as he could upon any other man that had broken the laws; therefore he offered fourscore golden angels to anyone who would serve this warrant.
I will serve on board your vessels, because you do me the honor to take me with you; but I shall there serve a more powerful master than the king: I shall serve God
Students contemplating a career in teaching serve as tutors and instructional aides in urban classrooms (Hamm et al, 1998).
He has a diverse tapestry of experience that will serve as a valuable resource.
He first served as Chapter Commander from 1990-91 and went on to serve as Commander four times.
State agencies might consider adopting the attitude that a client's "first job" may provide meaningful work experience and serve as a first step toward achieving maximum potential.