serve notice

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The best way to serve notice is by personal service with an independent witness.
It shouldn't need them to serve notice to get people talking to each other.'
The union said it would serve notice to the Royal Mail of its intention to ballot 130,000 workers.
"We will now seek sanction for industrial action from our National Executive Council, following which it is our intention to serve notice on the airline to be effected in the event of any unilateral action by them," SIPTU National Industrial Secretary Michael Halpenny said.
Mania's work, then, balances an array of losses and dubieties against an attempt at symbolic restitution, powered primarily by nostalgia for a past only partly illuminated; it also appears to serve notice of his desire to tangle with history and the treachery of personal and collective memory, offsetting a desire for certainty against a romantic wish that the unbelievable might turn out to be factual.