serve notice

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However, Carole Wood, Director of Public Health for Gateshead Council said the recent transfer of responsibility for public health from the health sector to local government placed a 'legal requirement' on the organisation to serve notice that it would be terminating its existing NHS contracts for school nursing 'from the end of March 2014'.
therefore resolved to serve notice on Stockholders to convert their holdings
The tenant could serve notice to terminate the lease or they could serve notice asking to renew the lease.
The Bears scored on their first attack to serve notice of what was to follow, Scott Carver racing over on the wing, although Rugby stayed in contention throughout the first half as their big forwards matched the visitors.
Attheraces, has emerged as an extra element in the decision taken last week by the media-betting company to serve notice on its ten-year deal with the tracks featured on the daily racing channel, writes Howard Wright.