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The Commissioner emphasized that officers of district administrations would have to re-build public confidence on them by showing their commitment to serve the people in the best possible way.
He said, "The opposition leaders don't understand even names of many areas within their political areas, so how can they serve the people.
To a question, he said, Allah Almighty gave his party an opportunity to serve the people and the problems of common people would be solved on priority basis under the dynamic leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.
Politicians of all stripes need to remember that they are to serve the people, not their party -- and certainly not political ideologies.
Mayurawathie, who is 45, said she decided not to marry "to serve the people of God better, and with full commitment.
Bill was always looking to improve the company and, most importantly, to serve the people of Brooklyn," said John Reinhardt, who is the president and chief executive officer of Fillmore.
In the Agency's inclusive environment, we challenge every member of our diverse work force to possess and maintain the highest level of personal and professional integrity; to work effectively with others, for the business of Intelligence is a true team endeavor; to be innovative and take calculated risks; to adapt to an ever-changing environment; to take responsibility and be personally accountable for all that they do; to continuously seek to improve themselves, for this is the only way to maintain the excellence required to achieve the CIA mission; and to remember--always--that they serve the people of the Untied States.
While we welcome investment in Wirral, we have to ask what happened to the promised Townmeadow station to serve the people of the Millhouse and Lingham estates?
I'm not here to serve the people, my loyalty is to the party.
We are not living in an era when the call to serve the people of God is unspoken or unanswered.
Because each of the authors is drawing from many of their own personal experiences in working with people with vision loss they are able to provide a clearer understanding of these services and resources that are available and how they can be implemented to best serve the people that need them.
We look forward to working with Paradise Yellow Pages to serve the people and businesses of Hawaii," said Joe Walsh, Yellow Book's CEO.