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At the Chapter level, Dempsey has served in all offices, including Chapter Service Officer and Membership Chairman.
She has served as the MTNA West Central Division Performance Competitions coordinator.
He currently serves on the Board of Directors of GSAE and has served as Chairman of the GSAE Foundation Trustees.
I served as an administration specialist for all of my 26 years, but President Reagan removed the conscientious objector status for military personnel.
He served as principal secretary to the former primate, Archbishop Michael Peers, at the national office in Toronto from 1992 to 2001.
Clemons has spoken at IABC international conferences, served on IABC's multiculturalism committee and been a member of the 1996 international conference planning committee.
He served in Vietnam as an infantry squad leader with the U.
This department arose out of the growing realization that employers must be served as an equal and primary customer to ensure that jobs are available for the agency's applicants.
And the quantities served in many restaurants are out of control.