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Gather your family and friends, get dressed in white and gold, and dance to tunes from the Brazilian Band, Brazuqa, before enjoying a selection of succulent, sizzling meats served right to the table.
They may reinforce the notion that he was a swine but I will temper all the stories and reports with the knowledge that he was a soldier who served right throughout that appalling conflict and, though he came out of it unscathed, he may have been scarred in ways I can scarcely imagine.
George served right through the war on HMS Illustrious, in the Battle of the Atlantic.
Food is served right up until 11pm week days and midnight at weekends.
Fast-food milkshakes are made primarily in a lab, not with a handful of ingredients that can be mixed up in front of you and served right away.
My time is precious so in the end I voted with my feet and dumped what I had wanted to buy on the counter and walked out and went elsewhere where I was served right away.
Opus is also less formal than its predecessor, plus - and I think this is great - it's open seven days, from 8am for breakfast until 3am for bevvy (with exciting food platters served right up until 1am).
Laura threw a tantrum when she wasn't served right away.
These are hotel-banquet conditions, and soon it seemed advisable to steer away from beef and pork (which are best served right off the grill) and stick with the fresh-fish items, which were consistently good.