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Also, unlike many traditional UK bars, food is served right up until 10pm - which is more in line with the continent.
If you are the person who goes to the bar and gets served right away while someone else has obviously been waiting, it is good manners to indicate to the staff that they are first - no matter how desperate for a pint you are.
She was the first female general secretary of the Scottish Labour Party and served right through to becoming the first female Secretary of State for her country.
These are best served right out of the fridge (they get sticky and gooey at room temperature).
Grosfeld said he feels the Izod program will address a niche in the marketplace not being served right now.
Powell told reporters that Jackson is ''free to travel,'' but added, ''I don't know what purpose would be served right now, since the position of the United States and the international community is quite clear.
The dish is best served right away to appreciate the aromas and subtle taste.