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FileMaker Solutions Alliance (FSA) membership now includes a free copy of the FileMaker Server 8 Advanced Development license.
You can maintain the safe and smooth running of your server and applications without having to reconstruct the whole environment.
IBM reclaimed the number 1 spot in the worldwide server systems market, with 30.
We work very closely with Microsoft, and this relationship helps ensure that we consistently provide products that add value to the SQL Server platform," said Douglas Chrystall, director, product management, SQL Server solutions, Quest Software.
When developing a backup strategy for Exchange Server, there are five important areas to consider:
SQL Server Management Studio -- previously referred to as the SQL Server "workbench" -- will perhaps be the most visible new tool in SQL Server 2005.
ZENworks for Servers helps customers accomplish network management tasks -- including server configuration, management and monitoring as well as content management and software distribution -- from a single point of administration.
SWsoft delivers a unique OS-level server virtualization solution that is ideal for a number of scenarios -- including server consolidation, disaster recovery and a number of other real world uses we see IT professionals utilizing virtualization technology to achieve," said Matt Eastwood, vice president, IDC Enterprise Platform Research.
In terms of our automotive analogy, a proper server virtualization environment would have allowed the Local Books' OLTP server to virtually grow or "morph" from a two-seater to a four-seater, from a four-seater to a station wagon, and--if needed--from a station wagon to a more powerful truck.
Hard disk space may go wasted on some servers and be in short supply on others, stranding unused capacity on the underutilized server and forcing the administrator to do some drive remapping.