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PROVISION, com. law. The property which a drawer of a bill of exchange places in the hands of a drawee; as, for example, by remittances, or when the drawee is indebted to the drawer when the bill becomes due, provision is said to have been made. Acceptance always presumes a provision. See Code de Comm. art. 115, 116, 117.

PROVISION, French law. An allowance granted by a judge to a party for his support; which is to be paid before there is a definitive judgment. In a civil case, for example, it is an allowance made to a wife who is separated from her husband. Dict. de Jurisp. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Echoing Veritas's purchase of Jareva and Precise, IBM only days ago announced the purchase for an undisclosed price of Think Dynamics, a start-up that has developed policy-based server provisioning software.
Other start-ups in the same area include OpsWare, but that company's software operates at a higher level than VMWare's, and is more related to server provisioning. The same applies to the software developed by Terraspring and OpsWare, now owned by by Sun Microsystems Inc and Veritas Software Corp respectively.
The 3PAR deal is just the latest move by Dell to flesh out a stack of enterprise data center technologies, coming shortly after announcements it would buy server provisioning vendor Scalent and storage optimization provider Ocarina Networks.
IT systems management solutions provider Altiris has revealed its Altiris v6.0 infrastructure, an upgrade of three of its suites - Client Management Suite, Asset Management Suite, and Server Provisioning Suite.
IBM Corp will this week use the US Open tennis tournament to showcase a revamped set of server provisioning middleware tit acquired in May when it bought Think Dynamics.
Cargill can now integrate its client and IT asset management, server provisioning, notebook backup and recovery and hardware configuration tasks.