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Massachusetts is the only state that directly cites the ADA in its statute: "A person accompanied by and engaged in the raising or training of a service animal, including a hearing, guide or assistance dog, shall have the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as those afforded to an individual with a disability under the ADA" [30].
The number of persons using service animals to assist with
Under the ADA and the Rehabilitation Act, for purposes other than housing, the new definition of service animal is "any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability .
To be able to give them something for being a vital part in preparing service animals for wounded warriors .
But proposed changes to the act could narrow the definition of service animals to "a dog or other common domestic animal.
The new trainers can then prepare more dogs to be service animals.
Service animals include guide dogs, hearing/signal dogs, seizure-alert animals, hypoglycemia-alert animals, mobility dogs, Parkinson's tremor-interruption dogs, and emotional-support cats.
For example, terminating a lease as a way to strike back against a disabled renter for requesting a service animal is illegal.
US Airways and its personnel acted in a reasonable and thoughtful manner, based on a legitimate request to transport a qualified individual with a disability and her service animal," said FAA spokesman Jim Peters.
The federal ADA defines a service animal as being a dog that is trained to do work or perform tasks for a person, specifically related to the person's disability.
The school district logic is, if the student does not need a service animal to receive a FAPE, then the school does not have to let the service animal through its doors.
Under federal law, an owner must accept a reasonable accommodation request for an assistance animal (also known as a service animal or an emotional support animal) if the resident has a disability and a disability-related need for the animal.

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