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In the second set, Djokovic secured service breaks in the third and seventh games.
Still they swapped service breaks, but Pioline came up with the extra one which mattered.
However,an unforced forehand into the net cost Seppi dear as it handed Henman a service break to go 4-2 ahead and he then attacked with success to put him within touching distance of the second round.
Monica Seles was a set up and two service breaks up.
The Japanese number one had two break points at 1-5 down but Ferrer denied him a service break to hold serve and take a two sets to love lead.
Nadal v Verdasco specials - first service break: 2-5 Nadal (Power), 9-4 (Hills, Lads, Sky); first ace: 11-10 Nadal (Sky), 5-6 Verdasco (Hills, S Jms/Bdrct); first double fault: 6-4 Nadal (Lads), 4-6 Verdasco (S Jms/Bdrct); first-set tie-break: 1-6 no (B365), 7-2 yes (B365); first-set winner: 1-3 Nadal (Tote), 3 Verdasco (B365, Lads); most aces: 5-6 Nadal +1.5 aces (Sky), 5-6 Verdasco (Sky); most double faults: 5-6 Nadal +3.5 doubles (Sky), 5-6 Verdasco (Sky); tiebreak in match: 6-5 yes (B365, Sky), 4-5 no (Boyles, Lads); lose first set and win match: 5 Nadal (Lads, Tote), 14 Verdasco (Boyles); win first set and match: 1-3 Nadal (Tote), 8 Verdasco (Lads); first Hawkeye challenge to be successful: 4-9 no (Boyles), 13-8 yes (Boyles).
There was then a brief moment of hope for FedererEoe1/4aos many fans as he nailed his first service break of the final and levelled at 2-2.
The former Wimbledon champion then broke Petrova's service game to start the second set and pulled further in front with another service break to run away with the second set.
Roddick v Federer specials - first service break: 2-5 Federer (S Jms), 2 Roddick (Boyles, Hills, Sky); first ace: 8-11 Roddick (Lads, S Jms), Evs Federer (Lads, S Jms); first double fault: 8-11 Roddick (Hills, Lads, S Jms), Evs Federer (Hills, Lads, S Jms); first-set winner: 1-4 Federer (Power, Tote), 7-2 Roddick (B365); tie-break in match: 5-6 yes (Boyles, Sky, S Jms), 6-5 no (Lads); total aces (Lads): 5-6 23 or fewer, 5-6 24 or more; total double faults (Lads): 5-6 four or fewer, 5-6 five or more.
This, however, was a match where neither man could exert their superiority for long enough periods and even when Henman got off to a flying start in the fourth set with a service break in the first game, he surrendered it three games later.
Agassi, who defeated the defending champion, Spain's Francisco Clavet, on Tuesday, relied on his punishing signature ground game, along with a service break in each set to win in 65 minutes.
R Nadal v G Simon quarter-final (8.30am) specials - total sets: 8-15 three (Hills, Sky, S James), 5-2 four (Boyles), 8 five (Boyles); first service break: 1-3 Nadal (general), 11-4 Simon (Lads); first ace: 4-5 Nadal (Lads), 11-10 Simon (S James); first double fault: 8-15 Simon (Lads), 13-8 Nadal (S James); tiebreak in match: 8-15 no (Boyles, S James), 13-8 yes (B365, Lads); V Zvonareva v D Safina semi-final (from 12am tonight) specials - total sets: 4-6 two (general), 11-10 three (general); first service break: 5-6 Zvonareva (S James), Evs Safina (Boyles).