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The curvatures and average crack widths of the beams at service load Beam [rho][%] [[tau].
Pepco is a party to an existing Transition Power Agreement that provides energy, capacity and ancillary services to serve its entire default service loads in the District and Maryland, and also allows Pepco to purchase energy required to serve these loads from other sources during the transition to a restructured electric industry.
The Company has doubled its service load while decreasing manpower by 32%, and continues to provide the same high level of customer service.
Financially, the additional debt will significantly affect capitalization and debt service load, concerns for which heavily influenced the rating.
In approving the transfer, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) agreed that the change would facilitate Rockland's ability to participate in New Jersey utilities' auction of Basic Generation Service load.
com(SM)" the firms have joined forces to provide full service load management program assessment, design, and implementation services to energy providers and end-use customers.
Rectangular Sections in Bending Under Service Load Conditions.

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