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However, many of the units have hours of serviceable life left on their time before overhaul (TBO).
All told, Margolies and Fabre make a serviceable contribution to Himes scholarship, yet one that leaves serious Himes readers with less than a full portrait.
Equally serviceable in this dirty campaign is Newt Gingrich's demonology of a cultural elite, indoctrinating the nation with liberalism by day, then patronizing antisocial art in the evening, over Brie and Chardonnay, before wending on to even more perverse forms of revelry.
To remedy the situation, she places explanatory cards with a recycling symbol in each outgoing box, encouraging her customers to return serviceable boxes and water tubes in exchange for a free rose.
The objective of the program should be to keep the roof in excellent working and serviceable condition throughout the life of the roof warranty.
Utilising its expertise in the aircraft and engine parts aftermarket, GA Telesis broadens the PART Page parts portfolio for users globally by providing overhauled and serviceable components via Boeing's PART Page e-commerce platform, which it said is one of the most frequented e-commerce sites in the aerospace industry.
Serviceable excess DSESTS equipment should be turned in to your property book officer.
Upper levels are, by nature of the vertical geometry of the site, constrained in height - so they are not very remarkable (though serviceable enough).
While rooted in medieval tradition, this literary motif evolves into a serviceable means of staging the drama of differences between the emerging Renaissance culture and earlier forms and traditions that it seeks both to incorporate and supersede.
The look is thus highly serviceable for dancing, evocative of a specific character and period, and theatrically stylish.