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The author also underscores that the enslaved did not merely acquiesce in reforms colonizers shaped in response to servile warfare.
We need to be less servile, more rock 'n' roll, have a point of view and fight for it, have more confi- dence.
In their worship service, she goes from being a black woman who is "all-nurturing, servile, caring" and some combination of happy, silent or invisible as she works tirelessly for others who devalue her and her service, to a mother of the church who, as a servant of Jesus and mentor to younger women, is held in high esteem.
Celle-ci, organisee dans des villae autour d'un couple d'esclaves superviseurs--le vilicus charge de la production agricole et la vilica affectee a la domus--fonctionnait quasiexclusivement grace a une force de travail servile que les agronomes envisagent surtout dans son aspect strictement masculin.
In The Servile Mind, Minogue makes clear where he stands.
This monograph on the history of servile workers in fourteenth century BCE Babylon provides a detailed examination of sparse and rare historical records and presents a remarkably full look at the culture surrounding menial laborers in ancient societies.
The Servile Mind, whose title deliberately invokes Hilaire Belloc's The Servile State, builds especially upon a previous work by Professor Minogue--Alien Powers: The Pure Theory of Ideology, published a quarter-century ago.
The way our incompetent, corrupt and servile government and its allies have made their mark, they deserve not only to celebrate the day in a big way, they are free to celebrate the poverty, and miserable state of the people," The News quoted Khan, as saying in a statement on the eve of the Independence Day.
These briefly say that women should be servile to their husbands and do exactly as they say.
He is nonetheless the author of a conservative classic, The Liberal Mind (1963), which as the title of his latest book, having abandoned irony and referring to the same thing, he now calls The Servile Mind.
Wilberforce would not be tied to any party collective and servile obedience to leader and party, preferring instead to vote with his conscience.
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