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In their worship service, she goes from being a black woman who is "all-nurturing, servile, caring" and some combination of happy, silent or invisible as she works tirelessly for others who devalue her and her service, to a mother of the church who, as a servant of Jesus and mentor to younger women, is held in high esteem.
These growing feathers pluck'd from Caesar's wing / Will make him fly an ordinary pitch, Who else would soar above the view of men, and keep us all in servile fearfulness.
Daskalovski explains that a servile culture is thus being created, which is not good for the socio-economic growth of the country.
It's a servile soap opera that an American public desperate for something, anything, to take its mind off the perplexities of the present seems only too happy to down in great, grateful gulps" - Historian Simon Schama on the TV hit drama.
The contentious question was bridged in 1940 of whether knitting could be called servile work and therefore was forbidden on Sundays.
His servile capitulation means that he is no longer Prime Minister of Greece.
The Servile Mind: How Democracy Erodes The Moral Life, Kenneth Minogue, Encounter, 374 pages
Life at the bottom of Babylonian society; servile laborers at Nippur in the 14th and 13th centuries, B.
The way our incompetent, corrupt and servile government and its allies have made their mark, they deserve not only to celebrate the day in a big way, they are free to celebrate the poverty, and miserable state of the people," The News quoted Khan, as saying in a statement on the eve of the Independence Day.
These briefly say that women should be servile to their husbands and do exactly as they say.
Wilberforce would not be tied to any party collective and servile obedience to leader and party, preferring instead to vote with his conscience.
28, Ark EASY ACROSS: 1, Carat 6, Stamp 9, Brother 10, Hobby 11, Rests 12, Grave 13, Acutely 15, Set 17, Reps 18, Allure 19, Crude 20, Evenly 22, Bali 24, Dot 25, Spurned 26, Faint 27, Super 28, Rinse 29, Tenures 30, Ceded 31, Deans DOWN: 2, At once 3, Abbots 4, Try 5, Story 6, Servile 7, Tree 8, Matter 12, Glory 13, Armed 14, Upset 15, Sudan 16, Tepid 18, Adept 19, Cleared 21, Volume 22, Bruise 23, Lesson 25, Snout 26, Fete 28, Red