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Where is the modern hermit who is not familiarly acquainted, by hearsay at least, with the fantastic novelty and humor of her opinions; with her generous encouragement of rising merit of any sort, in all ranks, high or low; with her charities, which know no distinction between abroad and at home; with her large indulgence, which no ingratitude can discourage, and no servility pervert?
An hereditary servility, no doubt, was responsible.
In the abstract there was nothing very remarkable in this pair, for servility waiting on a handsome suit of clothes and a cane--not to speak of gold and silver sticks, or wands of office--is common enough.
Some of us have the luxury to celebrate 'Women's Day' and 'girl power' but the reality for the vast majority of working girls and women is daily submission to abuse, torture and humiliation, not at the hands of men but the begums who expect servility for the price of a few thousand, that doesn't even make it to the minimum wage.
Colombo, March 5 -- British High Commissioner Dauris charged into the pliant Foreign Ministry sure he would be received with deference and servility.
What a difference this was to 2013, when Anastasiades signalled the end of the Christofias presidency's antagonism to the West and servility to Moscow, which had completely undermined Cyprus' standing in the EU.
This likely politically-patronised 'trade unionism' depicts the utter servility and entanglement of the uppermost bureaucracy, since the Punjab CM, as well as all-powerful Fawad Hasan Fawad were also questioned in this case.
Trump demands testimonials from his Cabinet, servility from Republican politicians and worship from conservative media.
There was the resounding echo of servility and sycophancy of the President who once postured himself as a staunch critic of historic American crimes against the Philippines.
Trajanovski arrived on this high position thanks to Gruevski, and he lost it as a result of his blind support and servility to Gruevski, adds Kekenovski.
His servility to Edi Rama and his questionable sanity has also been recognized outside of Macedonia's borders.
The crisis is a result of the one-decade institutional captivity by the parties on power, especially the Macedonian party VMRODPMNE and the blind servility of institutional supporters who continuously breached the Constitution, the laws and all democratic principles.