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"If your Ladyship will take a seat, the train will be up in a few minutes." The cringing servility of his manner was due, no doubt, to the address legible on the pile of luggage, which announced their owner to be "Lady Muriel Orme, passenger to Elveston, via Fayfield Junction."
Van Brandt took off his hat, and bowed to me with sickening servility.
I tried to simulate an expression of cringing servility, and I must have succeeded, for I entirely threw the man off his guard, so that he permitted me to approach within reach of his rifle before stopping me.
Where is the modern hermit who is not familiarly acquainted, by hearsay at least, with the fantastic novelty and humor of her opinions; with her generous encouragement of rising merit of any sort, in all ranks, high or low; with her charities, which know no distinction between abroad and at home; with her large indulgence, which no ingratitude can discourage, and no servility pervert?
An hereditary servility, no doubt, was responsible.
In the abstract there was nothing very remarkable in this pair, for servility waiting on a handsome suit of clothes and a cane--not to speak of gold and silver sticks, or wands of office--is common enough.
Such ridiculous servility is a contortion of decent public service.
According to UNESCO, "The publication locates this prejudice in the gender imbalance of technical teams leading the development of frontier technologies and identifies policy solutions to help women and girls cultivate strong digital skills." Additionally, 'The gendered submissiveness and servility expressed by so many...
She said this happened 'when you hand over a country of 220 million to a man whose only qualification is his servility, who otherwise does not even qualify for a managerial job.
(@teddyboylocsin) June 13, 2019 .1554252199413 What did not prevent what the Chinese vessel did to our Filipino fishermen was the politeness to the point of servility and subservience that I threw away when I came in with my foreign policy of friend to friends, enemy to enemies and worse enemy to false friend.
Third, these female-voiced assistants seem programmed to show subservience or servility regardless of how the owner of the device would talk to them.
However America, if not Trump, is our foremost ally which means the president must be greeted formally with politeness, but this should not extend to servility.