serving to distinguish

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An ornamented badge, serving to distinguish a military
Trademarks are an important asset, serving to distinguish a business' products and services from those of other trademarks.
The largest single section of the book is devoted to a treatment of each of these nine order-exemplifying areas and their importance in jointly serving to distinguish scientific from everyday knowledge by virtue of the degree of systematicity involved in each.
This is presented under the guise of a historical apologetic that, while serving to distinguish Catholicism from Liberal Protestantism, had far-reaching implications for Catholic dogma and practice.
serving to distinguish an individual or a group : typical of a person, thing, or group <He replied with characteristic good humor.
It is for the national court to examine whether the consumers targeted are likely to interpret the sign, as it is used by Budvar, as designating the undertaking from which the goods originate and, thus, as serving to distinguish the goods in question," the court said in a statement.
Leads Jean-Pierre Bacri and Emilie Dequenne establish an awkward yet tender odd-couple dynamic, their accomplished work serving to distinguish the familiar material.