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With the definition of SES more clearly defined, it is now important to discuss the affects of SES on students' cognitive abilities and academic success.
While there is some research that disputes, or at the very least finds inconsistencies within the fact that SES affects students' academic achievement, most researchers agree that children are affected by SES.
For example, some lower SES players may offer to merge with other families--creating very non-traditional households in order to solidify their economic standing.
I have modified the game for inequality and allow cadets to experience the euphoria of higher SES living and the disappointments of lower SES life.
SES ASTRA is an SES GLOBAL company (Euronext Paris, Luxembourg and Frankfurt stock exchanges: SESG).
With over twenty-five years' experience, SES AMERICOM, Inc.
In November 2001, SES AMERICOM was combined with SES ASTRA to form a new premier global satellite company, SES GLOBAL S.