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The man appeared in a closed session of the court on Tuesday, after his eight-day remand from last Wednesday expired.
The Judge specified that the coming session of the court would be held on Monday and that all other sessions would be held on Mondays and Thursdays, each week.
Almost simultaneously with the session of the Court of Appeal, judges and journalists will meet at a training course about insult and slander, at which they will be drawing comparison between the European and Macedonian legislation in this regard.
Dozens of protesters are still surrounding the court; they have demonstrated outside every session of the court case that has been going on for months.
The seminar, which is part of the activities of the 27th Ordinary Session of the Court, seeks to sensitise the public on how to utilise the Court in settling human rights disputes, after exhausting domestic remedies, and sensitise would-be litigants on how to access the Court.
Dahmani also indicated that the "defence wanted the court to determine a session to examine as soon as possible the appeal filed on August 27, especially as the rights of defence were not respect during the last session of the Court of Appeal which had decided, within less than 24 hours to place Sami Fehri under detention.
Subsequently, the Minister-rapporteur, Marco Aurelio de Mello, will have the necessary time to decide his vote, after which the Direct Actions of Unconstitutionality - ADIs (4066 and 3937) can by submitted for judgment on merit by a plenary session of the court before the end of the year.
The first session of the court was held last Sunday and then it was adjourned to April 26.
The first session of the court that was initially hearing the case took place on Sunday.
Later, he called for a closed session of the court to hear about his health
On November 4, in the last session of the court hearing Rachel Corrie's case, the commander of the bulldozer which attacked Rachel reported about the position of her corpse after the murder occurred.
Keeping this in view, the specially-abled people conducted a mock session of the court and conveyed the message they want to spread harmony across the Hindu and Muslim communities and they also said that no politics should be involved in this issue.

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