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The sitting of a court, legislature, council, or commission for the transaction of its proper business.

A session can be the period of time within any one day during which the body is assembled and engaged in business. In a more extended sense, the session can be the whole space of time from the first assembling of the body to its adjournment.

A joint session is the convening of the two houses of a legislative body to sit and act together as one body, instead of separately in their respective houses.

As applied to a court, the word session is not strictly synonymous with the word term. The session of a court is the time during which it actually sits each day for the transaction of judicial business. A term of a court is the period fixed by law—usually amounting to many days or weeks—during which it is open for judicial business and during which it can hold sessions from day to day. The two words are, however, frequently used interchangeably.


n. 1) a meeting (or "sitting") of a court for a particular period of time. "Session" technically means one day's business (as in "today's session"). 2) the "term" of an appeals court covering several months (as in the "Spring Term" or the "October Term")


noun assembly, audience, caucus, conclave, conference, congregation, congress, consultation, conventus, convocation, council, diet, forgathering, forum, gathering, hearing, meeting, parley, plenum, round table, sitting, synod, term, union
Associated concepts: general sessions, joint session, regular session, session laws, special sessions
See also: body, caucus, chamber, conference, congregation, duration, meeting, period, phase, term


the meeting of a court, legislature or judicial body, for the execution of its function or the transaction of business.

SESSION. The time during which a legislative body, a court or other assembly sits for the transaction of business; as, a session of congress, which commences on the day appointed by the constitution, and ends when congress finally adjourns before the commencement of the next session; the session of a court, which commences at the day appointed by law, and ends when the court finally rises a term.

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Sessional academic success: a distributed framework for academic support and development.
He fervently believes the sessional doctor approach gives doctors the freedom to run their private practices while giving them a channel through which they can help a broader slice of society.
For many graduate students, at least until they graduate and start working at contract jobs as sessional lecturers (full-time sessional salaries have been $26-$28,000 for the past five years; course by course sessionals are paid $2500-$3600 per four-month course at non-unionized campuses), there is much self-esteem invested in the denial that they are educational workers.
Their children have the opportunity to attend sessional kindergarten (also known as preschool) when they are 3 or, more commonly, 4.
Aileen was a sessional instructor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Regina, teaching Java and Discrete Mathematics.
The CS announced that the ministry was finalising the sessional paper which will be tabled in parliament amid efforts for the new curriculum to be backed by alw.
As part of the preparation for full implementation, the government, through the National Steering Committee and KICD, will finalise a sessional paper to provide policy direction on the new changes, prepare a legal framework and present it to Parliament for debate and approval, and engage county governments on management of pre-primary education.
The twins were inducted into the Newcastle United Foundation as sessional coaches after two years of volunteering.
Darlene Williams, who leads the sessional care, was also praised by the inspector.
On February 12, 2015, the House again adopted a sessional order to amend Standing Orders 25 and 47(a) to reschedule Oral Question Period and daily Members' Statements to mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each sitting week, with question period to remain in the afternoons for Mondays and Wednesdays.
As the courses are sessional you are not always guaranteed the same classes each term.