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Similarly Riaz Ahmad, Additional District and Sessions Judge Abbottabad has been posted as Additional District and Sessions Judge Bannu, Irshad Ahmad Khan Additional District and Sessions Judge D.
There have been 119 special sessions since 1850, according to Legislative Research Library records.
The students in the self-directed learning condition received self-learning guidelines including how to organize their own discussion sessions and had a 30-57 percent reduction in lecture hours.
In addition to the scientific developments reported in the technical sessions, automotive decision makers will not want to miss our panel discussion on critical issues, including globalization, energy efficiency and indoor air," he added.
Session length: One five-day resident camp session during the first week of August
This year's programming includes sessions on over-coming quality concerns, uncovering new sources of supply, navigating export markets and dealing with higher transportation costs.
The sessions of 30-45 minutes can be presented to one school at a time or to multiple site audiences.
During the Spring semester of 2004, nine sessions on advanced communication skills were presented to two groups of students at Dokuz Eylul University.
Among the topics represented in the Management breakout sessions will be "Market Outlook for White Paper," "Market Outlook for Tissue and Board," "Tension Management," and "PACE Perspective.