set afloat

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Without supposing the personal essentiality of the man, it is evident that a change of the chief magistrate, at the breaking out of a war, or at any similar crisis, for another, even of equal merit, would at all times be detrimental to the community, inasmuch as it would substitute inexperience to experience, and would tend to unhinge and set afloat the already settled train of the administration.
Far from showing any astonishment, he will boldly tell you that you have been duped by a deliberately false statement of facts, invented and set afloat, in her own guilty interests, by Mrs.
The first person was a vivacious, irascible old gentleman, who persisted in treating the undeniable fact of his age on the footing of a scandalous false report set afloat by Time.
Steuben's confederates assembled on the steamer and were set afloat on the big brown stream which had already seemed to our special traveller to have too much bosom and too little bank.
Visitors can buy lanterns for $10 each and decorate them before they are set afloat around 8 p.m.
A new seismic survey vessel entitled as Fatih, was set afloat in order to begin oil and gas exploration.
This is only the second year the event has been staged, with 150 lanterns being set afloat last year, and Helen hopes that numbers will grow.
On the 6th August, many people set afloat lanterns in Ohta River in Hiroshima City, because a lot of people who were burnt in the heat and flame caused by the atomic bombing rushed into the river and died in the water.
Once such claims are set afloat, especially when they are of a sectarian character, it is found extremely difficult to get rid of them," the IHC said in a statement.
Cao Chong then persuaded the elephant to step onto a boat and set afloat in a lake.
Looking at the results, the phrase of last year was one of the best that described so accurately what happened during the year: "gun ju min su," meaning that the people were able to overturn a boat they set afloat for the king.
The first of class, INS Kalvari, set afloat on 27 October 2015, had started its sea trial in 2016.