set afloat

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Without supposing the personal essentiality of the man, it is evident that a change of the chief magistrate, at the breaking out of a war, or at any similar crisis, for another, even of equal merit, would at all times be detrimental to the community, inasmuch as it would substitute inexperience to experience, and would tend to unhinge and set afloat the already settled train of the administration.
Far from showing any astonishment, he will boldly tell you that you have been duped by a deliberately false statement of facts, invented and set afloat, in her own guilty interests, by Mrs.
The first person was a vivacious, irascible old gentleman, who persisted in treating the undeniable fact of his age on the footing of a scandalous false report set afloat by Time.
Steuben's confederates assembled on the steamer and were set afloat on the big brown stream which had already seemed to our special traveller to have too much bosom and too little bank.
Cao Chong then persuaded the elephant to step onto a boat and set afloat in a lake.
Looking at the results, the phrase of last year was one of the best that described so accurately what happened during the year: "gun ju min su," meaning that the people were able to overturn a boat they set afloat for the king.
The first of class, INS Kalvari, set afloat on 27 October 2015, had started its sea trial in 2016.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Sep 13 (ANI): India's only curated, authentic and verified virtual marketplace for pre-owned cars, Truebil has set afloat its online operations and offline dark store Truebil Direct in Bangalore.
The shoots are then encased in water jelly and set afloat in a glass of Krug champagne.
In "Cast Out," the birth of a daughter is seen as a curse and any girl who can do magic is punished--beaten, whipped, and set afloat in a barrel for the ocean to deal with.
Warriors were laid on funeral pyres and set afloat on burning boats, but the peaceful villagers who worked on these windswept farmsteads in the north of Jutland were buried in this well-preserved spot.
FLOATING CONTRABAND - An environment officer gingerly guides these illegally-cut logs which have been set afloat at a river in Bislig City for storage at the Bislig City Community Enviroment and Natural Resources Office.