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Vahid Halilhodzic, the newly appointed Moroccan coach who is visibly in search of an effective, working formula to set afoot a refreshed, talented, and game-winning squad, has already named the PSV play-maker in his list of 49 names in consideration for a definite spot in the national squad.In recent tournaments, Morocco's most recurrent shortcoming had to do with being clinical when suffocating the opposition, scoring goals to take advantage of its best moments in the game.
The fears were set afoot after the House of Commons approved an amendment which gives the Parliament more influence over the Brexit process if the government's deal was to be rejected by lawmakers next week.
And lo, sans terraforming, plans were set afoot to turn a once barren wasteland into a forest.
Now that the high profile Democratic Sister Act is done out there in Israel, here at home it's high time that Prime Minister Narendra Modi set afoot a different 'vigilante' to protect his minority brethren, dalits, women and children from the growing atrocities being perpetrated on them in the name of religion, gender, caste and vulnerability.
Plans were set afoot for the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda) and the Department of Education to provide skills training and alternative classroom programs to the Bicutan detainees.
The work of the Holy Spirit is often set afoot by the least likely persons.
I suggest that the decision on whether to abolish it or not be delayed to see whether the schemes set afoot to rejuvenate John Whitehead Park are viable.
In 1906, under the then-established British Residency in Brunei, plans were set afoot to move the inhabitants of Kampong Ayer onto the land, presuming this to be healthier for them.
In fact so enraged were the young men and women that they vowed never to let him set afoot in Bikaner again.
Major decisions were immediately taken on the independence of the Bank of England, plans were set afoot for the reform of the House of Lords, and Scotland was given its new Parliament and Wales a new Assembly.
Revenue Cutter Bear in the summer of 1890, during which he had observed widespread poverty and hardship among the coastal communities of the Bering Sea littoral of Alaska, Jackson had set afoot a campaign to convert the hunters into reindeer-herders.
Emigration schemes were set afoot and excited crowds greeted upon arrival the women who were willing to leave their countries for promising opportunities abroad.