set against

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That question is so difficult that he is inclined to follow his father's wishes and enter the Church, though you know better than I do that he was quite set against that formerly.
Come, is there anything in this world which I possess, or may possess, which you will set against that three inches of brown liquid?
What advantage had she gained to set against these disasters?
Sometimes, a strong man's hand, sometimes a strong man's breast, was set against my mouth to deaden my cries, and with a hot breath always close to me, I struggled ineffectually in the dark, while I was fastened tight to the wall.
The mind of Grimworth became obstinately set against him and his viands, and the new school being finished, the eating-room was closed.
You see, my face is not altogether set against Paris.
What are my walls when set against the honor of Francois Poursuivant d'Amour Pelligny, champion of the Bishop of Montaubon.
It was the first set Williams has lost on clay this year and the first time Putintseva has won a set against her.
djokovic dropped a set against fabio fognini earlier in the tournament and was also outplayed for much of his opening set against Grigor dimitrov in the third round.
The Siege of larishnapur is set against the 1857 Indian uprising while Troubles, actually published three years before The Siege of Krishnapur, occurs against the background of the Irish civil war (1919-1921).
Summary: Roger Federer has won the third set against Andy Murray in the Wimbledon final to take the lead by two sets to one.
The Scot seemed set for a second round berth when she served for the match at 5-4 in the second set against Croatian teen Petra Martic.