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If we set apart an hour or day for worship, a pair of candlesticks to use only in welcoming holidays, and our lives in devotion and service to God - these activities are very present, but also eternal.
Solitude, the need for a time set apart for personal introspection and reflection even as God did in the midst of creation one might argue, is a necessary ingredient in what it means to be fully human.
The codification of whiteness, efforts across the still new nation to set apart the rights of whites from the those denied to blacks, was taking place.
The Crown, notably Elizabeth and the early Stuarts, backed by high Anglican bishops, wished them to be set apart by their daily dress, ritual vestments and style of life, and to serve the state as channels of royal propaganda and control, while the more democratic tendency represented by the Puritans emphasised their preaching rather than their sacerdotal function for a laity who were their own mediators with God.
Most executives are too accustomed to being singled out and set apart to dwell on what it means to belong to an exclusionary establishment in today's climate of public countability.
band interviews, record reviews, rants, etc, but this one is set apart from the pack by their quality (c'mon, you can't get any better of an interviewer than Vancouver, BC's Nardwuar the Human Serviette, this time interviewing Marilyn Manson).
Proceeding chronologically, Nicolo de' Rossi's sequences are seen as linking Dante's typological poetry to Petrarch's subjective poetics; and Petrarch's Canzoniere is finally set apart for the high degree of self-conscious control in the arrangement and transmission of its lyrics.
It is the anchor of our week, a tradition, a ritual, a thing set apart, a sweet meal unlike the hurried and harried weekday repasts, riddled as they are by work and practices and traffic and such.
The Cranbrook Educational Community, founded in the 1920s by newspaper magnate George Booth, was conceived as a utopian society set apart from the industrialized world.
from this year, 1847, henceforth and forever, as long as the Union endures, the last Thursday in November be the day set apart by every State for its annual Thanksgiving.
If you're like many managers, your office is usually set apart from the desk spaces of those who work under you.
Administrators must be set apart and there must be no loose talk.