set aright

See: fix, repair
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The chief justice underscored the need for all political leaders to set aright their direction.
We have the fullest faith in the collective wisdom of the men and women of the SC, that they will finally set aright what we believe to be the serious errors of the lower court.
He said that economic come back started few years ago as present regime took over powers and tried to set aright the economic policies.
Jose Francisco Benitez, who was an academic with the University of Washington in Seattle and was a year away from attaining tenure when called home to Manila by the family to help set aright a crisis facing PWU.
Those of us who have been especially privileged to enjoy a week of discussion, reflection and prayer on the subject of mission and evangelism must cast aside our regard for economic, religious and intellectual status and allow the Holy Spirit to set aright our hearts with the fire of passion and zeal for the actual work (not talk) of evangelism and mission.
Happily, the condition most responsible is the least troublesome to set aright.
A few verbal constructions are relevant here as well, including purussaina tustesser, "you (Samas) set aright the decision concerning them (i.
He said that the PML-N did not believe in the politics of agitation nor it wanted to launch any protest, but things should be set aright and the continuation of the Pervez Musharraf's dictatorial policies should be brought to an end.
He didn't seem like he was cursed to set aright time out of joint.
Students who did not develop rudimentary skills in English composition in four years of high school cannot easily be set aright through one or two semesters of "crash" remedial work.
In all the years I have been involved in the work of the General Assembly, I have noticed, each year, there are a number of appeals which request that a real or perceived injustice allegedly perpetrated by a presbytery or synod be set aright.
Or they may believe that proper supervision of the federal judiciary demands that the lower court be set aright.