set asunder

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When the deacon had finished the prayer for the Imperial family, the priest turned to the bridal pair with a book: "Eternal God, that joinest together in love them that were separate," he read in a gentle, piping voice: "who hast ordained the union of holy wedlock that cannot be set asunder, Thou who didst bless Isaac and Rebecca and their descendants, according to Thy Holy Covenant; bless Thy servants, Konstantin and Ekaterina, leading them in the path of all good works.
Little caterpillar stepped out To spin cords that hope to bind love set asunder 60 years and more Little caterpillar wriggled out of their furry coats Shedding varying colour, creed, race, tribe and tongue Together unfolding their wings Where they were hid And there displaying a brilliant orange in unison In concert they shook their feet Leaving the dust of historical wars to bury alongside disintegrating cocoon walls And with the stretching of their minds The broadening of their horizons The newfound freedom to think beyond closed doors They mounted into the winds of change Now butterflies Departed the madang' Driving the North-South Unity train Leading to Justice for Peace's sake Butterflies a-flutter now With One heart One voice And One song.
Where do we go when we sense that the very matrix of the energy that supports life is somehow torn or set asunder?