set at ease

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Don't try and frighten ME," the hero cried from his bed; and Dobbin's mind was thus perfectly set at ease now that Jos had spoken out so resolutely respecting his conduct to his sister.
MacWhirr's mind was set at ease, and a black marble clock, priced by the local jeweller at £3 18s.
Released, and set at ease, up she rose, got her book, and accepted at once the chair I placed for her at my side.
We were all a bit nervous about delivering the parody, but were soon set at ease when one local priest, who was in the audience, laughed his head off.
But just minutes into the first act, my mind was set at ease and I settled back to watch what was easily the best play I've seen all this year.
The steps must be taken immediately to stop this appalling practice and set at ease the minds of people already stricken by the grief of losing a loved one.