set at liberty

References in classic literature ?
He was not sufficiently guilty to suffer death, but he was too much so to be set at liberty.
But, though the Doctor tried hard, and never ceased trying, to get Charles Darnay set at liberty, or at least to get him brought to trial, the public current of the time set too strong and fast for him.
Major Thomson, set at liberty, made his way at once towards the small table at which Captain Granet and Geraldine Conyers were seated.
Then he was set at liberty, but on condition that he should use his pen to support the Government.
Take this into consideration, friends of the Jury, and you will readily decide that the kitten is wrongfully accused and should be set at liberty.
Your son has probably neglected some prescribed form or attention in registering his cargo, and it is more than probable he will be set at liberty directly he has given the information required, whether touching the health of his crew, or the value of his freight.
I reminded my friend, apropos of the concierges, that he had not yet told me what had led him to get them set at liberty.
Hold thy peace, Wamba,'' said Gurth; ``it may all be as thou dost guess; but were the horned devil to rise and proffer me his assistance to set at liberty Cedric and the Lady Rowena, I fear I should hardly have religion enough to refuse the foul fiend's offer, and bid him get behind me.
And is the prisoner who is to be set at liberty a good payer?
Put the case, Pip, that passion and the terror of death had a little shaken the woman's intellect, and that when she was set at liberty, she was scared out of the ways of the world and went to him to be sheltered.
As soon as the identity of my brother was proved, I was set at liberty.
As my new patron, or master, had taken me home to his house, so I was in hopes that he would take me with him when he went to sea again, believing that it would some time or other be his fate to be taken by a Spanish or Portugal man-of-war; and that then I should be set at liberty.