set at odds

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If we wish to build true peace, how can we separate, or even set at odds, the protection of the environment and the protection of human life, including the life of the unborn .
The firm said it had a record 27,000 bets on a white Christmas with nearly 15,000 bets on London alone, which was set at odds of 2/1.
Water War in the Klamath Basin: Maco Law, Combat Biology, and Dirty Politics" is a look at the drought of 2001, and how the conservation-minded policy makers were set at odds with the farmers--who needed all the water they could get to keep their livelihood alive.
Spirituality and social justice are often seen as separate components to a Christian life, set at odds by both churches and individuals.
If the rights of parents and children were set at odds, so too was the view of the child deeply contradictory.
However, despite being set at odds at county level, the pair forged a friendship which lasted a lifetime.
are set at odds with each other by their dreams and fantasies.