set back

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46 West 22nd is also 23 feet wide and 97 feet deep on the ground, set back to 55 feet on the other floors.
Set back two metres from the facade to create outdoor terraces overlooking the vineyard, the glass produces complex and surprising collages of earth, sky and building - part real and part illusion.
This new record broke the one set back on January 17, 2000 at 1,202,748 DTH.
We've set back the brick-arched structure 20 feet from the street to create a well-defined entry plaza of brick pavers and appropriate landscaping," said Paul E.
While otherwise certain to set back the cause of Hanukkah holiday cinema by 1,000 years, this minimally animated, nasty toned, scatologically obsessed ``South Park'' reject nonetheless sings when, well, Sandler sings.
New timber doors are set back from the inner surface of the wall in veneered planes connected to the stone by glass strips that fit into grooves cut in the rubble.
The process of tabulating the third quarter results have been set back by one week.
Triangular in shape, the property fronts 20th Avenue for about 800 feet and is set back about 200 feet into the site, allowing for minimal disturbance of a small freshwater swale that divides it from 20th Avenue.
GRANADA HILLS - A city beautification effort was set back this month when vandals attacked a group of freshly planted saplings in the San Fernando Valley.
They proposed that accommodation be disposed around a small forecourt set back from the street frontage, in two buildings located on either side of entrance gates to the sports ground.
CEO Ray Brown commented, "This fire was serious and scary and maybe set back our schedule a few days.
Contextual zoning corrects the current zoning, which encourages tall towers set back from the Street, a building form inconsistent with the prevailing character of East Harlem.