set bounds

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In this, perhaps, he does no more than any other energetic and imaginative race would do, being compelled to set bounds to fancy by experience; but the North American Indian clothes his ideas in a dress which is different from that of the African, and is oriental in itself.
Yes, there was Lord Decimus Tite Barnacle, who had risen to official heights on the wings of one indignant idea, and that was, My Lords, that I am yet to be told that it behoves a Minister of this free country to set bounds to the philanthropy, to cramp the charity, to fetter the public spirit, to contract the enterprise, to damp the independent self- reliance, of its people.
If a federal Constitution could chain the ambition or set bounds to the exertions of all other nations, then indeed might it prudently chain the discretion of its own government, and set bounds to the exertions for its own safety.
[*] "What modesty or measure can set bounds to our desire of so dear
If his power is not equal to his will, it is because the wisdom of the Lord hath set bounds to his evil workings."
it is blasphemous to set bounds and seasons, in this manner, to the works of the Almighty, like a woman counting the ages of her young."
There can be no objection, therefore, on this account, to the federal judicature which will not lie against the local judicatures in general, and which will not serve to condemn every constitution that attempts to set bounds to legislative discretion.
For he was praised "you set bounds to peoples, cities, great kingdoms: Without you, every field would be disputed".The author is a data scientist.
The freedoms of association and expression set bounds on Florida's vote-restoration scheme and are not subservient to the scheme.
We remark that there are nonbounding [Z.sup.k.sub.2]-actions so that its fixed-point set bounds. For example, consider the Dold manifold
Bridling the potentials and capabilities of ISIS, he said, would set bounds to the capabilities of the other groups of the so-called "opposition" in Syria "which in many cases are lacking clear orientations."