set firmly

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His hands were clasped beneath the tails of his long black coat, and his top hat was set firmly down upon his head, as with eyes bent upon the ground he hastened on, probably to some sudden death had I not intercepted him.
The sea filled in all the angles of the coast smoothly, breaking in a white frill, and here and there ships were set firmly in the blue.
The absence of all colour from the face; the dilated nostril; the quivering of the lips which, though set firmly against each other, would not be still; showed what emotions were struggling for the mastery with Nicholas.
Within a dozen yards of them a post was set firmly in the ground, and against it was bound the light and Apollo-like person of Hard-Heart.
With our sights set firmly on meeting future market requirements for high quality soft cheeses, the new facilities have been commissioned to meet a rising demand for Lubborn's products, as well as to provide fresh opportunities to manufacture new products and product variants, " said Robert Audas, chief executive of The Milk Group.
He will have his sights set firmly on the competition's climax - a pounds 40,000 Grand Prix, likely to attract many of Europe's finest show-jumpers.
Director John Cameron Mitchell, whose debut was indie musical Hedwig And The Angry Inch, makes the explicit sex scenes part and parcel of a story that's set firmly in the arty New York salon scene.
Over at the Assembly Rooms, Antony Michaelides and his staff already have their sights set firmly upon the festive season.
PHIL MICKELSON has his sights set firmly on the second leg of the Grand Slam after taking the early halfway lead in the US Open at Shinne-cock Hills yesterday, writes Paul Kealy.
UK entry James Fox, who won a huge following on Fame Academy, has his sights set firmly on first place so he can bring the competition back to our shores in 2005,but will no doubt be fearful of a replay of last year's drama when Liverpool duo Jemini scored an embarrassing ``nul points''.
WARWICKSHIRE head into the Frizzell County Championship match against Kent at Edgbaston tomorrow with captain Michael Powell insisting their sights are set firmly on the Division One title.
Thousands of sun- worshippers had their sights set firmly on the sunny beaches of the Mediterranean.