set firmly

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His hands were clasped beneath the tails of his long black coat, and his top hat was set firmly down upon his head, as with eyes bent upon the ground he hastened on, probably to some sudden death had I not intercepted him.
The sea filled in all the angles of the coast smoothly, breaking in a white frill, and here and there ships were set firmly in the blue.
The absence of all colour from the face; the dilated nostril; the quivering of the lips which, though set firmly against each other, would not be still; showed what emotions were struggling for the mastery with Nicholas.
For Coomber thinks it should be no problem to take a few weeks off training for next year's winter sports season to try her hand at pole vaulting - with her eyes set firmly on a place in Great Britain's team for the 2004 Olympics in Athens.
Hoddle has led Spurs to a cup final in the first full season of his reign at White Hart Lane, but has his sights set firmly on bigger prizes.
This offer from Telegroup comes at a time when Newsnet has set firmly in place the platforms for its future growth in the rapidly expanding enhanced telecommunication services market around the world.
Harris said: "I spent five very happy years at Leeds, but it's two points we need desperately and I won't be thinking too much about the past because my mind is set firmly on the future.
UK entry James Fox, who won a huge following on Fame Academy, has his sights set firmly on first place so he can bring the competition back to our shores in 2005,but will no doubt be fearful of a replay of last year's drama when Liverpool duo Jemini scored an embarrassing ``nul points''.
Meanwhile Nicola, who was Denbighshire Sports Council's Sports Personality of the Year for 2001,has her sights set firmly on gaining a place in the British squad for next year's Paralympics in Athens.
Champion Tony Coppola, 41, bagged a trophy at a Central England bodybuilders competition last week, and now has his sights set firmly on Sunday's UK Championship title.
His mind is set firmly on a partnership with the club's most-prized asset.
David Loder, with his sights set firmly on the major juvenile races at Newmarket's July meeting this week, continued his impressive strike rate when Salisbury Plain gained a convincing success in the European Breeders Fund Maiden Stakes at Redcar yesterday.