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Soon you came to Iolcus and set foot on Cenaeum in Euboea, famed for ships: you stood in the Lelantine plain, but it pleased not your heart to make a temple there and wooded groves.
And I said, 'Achilles, son of Peleus, foremost champion of the Achaeans, I came to consult Teiresias, and see if he could advise me about my return home to Ithaca, for I have never yet been able to get near the Achaean land, nor to set foot in my own country, but have been in trouble all the time.
no person of condition, I dare swear, ever set foot here before.
But as Soapy set foot inside the restaurant door the head waiter's eye fell upon his frayed trousers and decadent shoes.
Only I wanted you to understand why I once more set foot in Europe.
But neither to visit them, nor on any other pretence, no matter how full of promise and enjoyment, could he be persuaded to set foot in the streets: nor did he ever conquer this repugnance or look upon the town again.
cried a loud, hoarse voice, as soon as they set foot in the passage.
But our direct road lies through Sir Leicester Dedlock's park, and in that fellow's property I have sworn never to set foot of mine, or horse's foot of mine, pending the present relations between us, while I breathe the breath of life
There are big valleys there where the white man has never set foot, and Indian tribes as primitive as ten thousand years .
If you were afraid of writing," I pursued, "it was your business to give me the tip the moment I set foot on board.
Ha--send for the horses, pack the carriages, I'll not set foot in this man's house again
The Abbe Fouquet, at the clatter of the hoofs on the pavement, appeared at a window of the court, and before even the cavalier had set foot to the ground, "Well