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At this we waited for no more, but shook hands with her upon the bargain, made short work of the puddings, and set forth again from Limekilns as far as to the wood.
The same view of "consciousness" is set forth in the succeeding essay, "A World of Pure Experience" (ib.
And so they began hunting about, and took as much silver as they could lay hands upon, clapping it into a bag, and when they had filled the sack they set forth to Sherwood Forest.
Isaac acquiesced with a deep groan, and set forth on his journey, accompanied by two tall foresters, who were to be his guides, and at the same time his guards, through the wood.
Troy set forth for the Head Office in Whitehall to consult the police on the question of the missing money.
The plan proposed is, that a detachment of the able-bodied officers and men among us should set forth this very day, and make another effort to reach the nearest inhabited settlements, from which help and provisions may be dispatched to those who remain here.
The next day my mother and I set forth on the first stage of our journey to the south coast of Devonshire.
The OCC's Rules of Practice and Procedure set forth the requirements of an answer and the consequences of a failure to file an answer to a Notice.
For about 15 years following the TEFRA's enactment, there was a debate as to whether these rules set forth the exclusive periods for determining the timeliness of adjustments of partnership items, or whether the partnership provisions were merely "minimum periods" supplementing the regular periods set forth in Secs.
Footnote (17) to that section is quoted as follows: "It should be noted that the infallible teaching of the ordinary and universal Magisterium is not only set forth with an explicit declaration of a doctrine to be believed or held definitively, but is also expressed by a doctrine implicitly contained in a practice of the Church's faith, derived from revelation or, in any case, necessary for eternal salvation and attested to by the uninterrupted tradition.
The IRS will waive the filing deadlines set forth in Regs.
Recently, the ABA Tax Section and the AICPA have written you to express concern about the complexity of the tax law, specifically addressing proposals set forth in H.