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The state-owned Anadolu news agency also released a report on its website on Friday, saying that the four Turkish workers being held captive by unknown armed forces at Tikrit-Kirkuk had been set free.
After a short period of time, another two would be set free and then finally the remaining two.
The workers that were set free reportedly said that many of the kidnappers had foreign accents.
With a release from the house arrest, Kahn was also set free of the restrictive bail conditions like wearing an ankle monitor, limited outings and being confined to a Lower Manhattan townhouse under the watch of armed guards.
Asked about the danger Khodorkovsky would pose if he were set free, Medvedev told reporters curtly: "You asked a short question and the answer will be brief as well: absolutely none," Medvedev said.
SOHR added in its statement that it "congratulates the 11 members of the Damascus Declaration for being liberated and urged the authorities to set free Ali Abdullah immediately.
Participants in the march handed over a message to the International Red Cross office in Damascus calling on all international and humanitarian organizations to set free Syrian and Arab prisoners from the Israeli prisons.
JHARKHAND government official Prashant Kumar Layek, who was abducted by Maoists a week ago, was set free on Friday.
2 The Dred Scott decision: "Instead of saying once set free, always set free, the Supreme Court said that blacks are not persons, and therefore cannot file lawsuits and enjoy no protection of the law.
Plamen Galev and Angel Hristov, commonly referred as the "Galevi brothers", were set free from Sofia central prison on 50 000 leva bail each on June 16.
A 40-YEAR-OLD man was kidnapped, bundled into a van, shot in the foot with a nail gun, then set free to limp off in a traumatised state, it was claimed yesterday.
2 : to set free : rescue <They were delivered from their captors.